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Congratulations on an outstanding 2018 season. This season, Ohio is hosting the Great Lakes  National-Championships for "Odd Year" registered teams. The event is being held in the South West Ohio region of the state in Harrison the week of July 18-22,2018. The host facility will be MVP Sportspark in Harrison, OH. MVP is a 5 diamond complex with temp fencing at 200'. We also will use either River City North or West for overflow on Thurs/Friday.



Format: The USSSA Fast-Pitch program will use a 5-game guarantee format in its 9u/11u/13u/15u National Championships Tournament. Teams will be placed into random pools and play a round-robin. All teams will also be seeded using USSSA system rankings as of July 4 into a double-elimination championship bracket following pool play. Seeding will based on your USSSA Power Points as of July 4, 2018. Please contact your state director if your ranking is not to your liking as I have no control over another states program and rankings. To guarantee your spot in the tournament, your team will need to complete the online entry process. All entries must be paid online thru the website. You will be required to submit your entry and payment online. At this point your team entry is subject to approval by your state director. Once approved, your entry will be accepted into this National Championship. Once accepted into the event, teams will be sent information on what is required and all deadlines to meet. All roster/gate/merchandise pre-orders paperwork for the event is must be completed no later than noon on July 4, 2018. The entry fee for this event is $599.


Rosters and Insurance: All team rosters must be on the USSSA website and must be the one that you have earned your berth to this event with and was submitted for approval to play this event. Violation of this could result in teams removal from the event. Team coach will be required to sign a copy of the roster at check in and also show birth certificates along with turning in a copy of the team's insurance policy. Teams should also have proof of age in their coaches possession at all times. Proof of age must be verified by a government issued document that identifies the player by name, gender, and birthdate. Failure to produce such a document if asked for by a tournament official and deemed to be non-fradulant by a tournament official will result in the offending team losing the game, being eliminated from the tournament, being placed last in the standings, and forfeiting all awards, sponsors travel monies, entry fee for the event, and berths that would have been awarded at the event.


Forms Check List: Please click on this link for the Forms Check List. This is what you will need to send with your other paperwork to the tournament director prior to July 4, 2018.


Tournament Rules: All play will be governed by the official USSSA Fast-Pitch softball rulebook and rule addendums. Note that the rulebook online will supersede the latest printed version if a discrepancy exists. Click here for the rulebook: 2017-18 USSSA FP Rulebook.


Tournament Awards:

 1. Team Trophies

 2. Individual Awards

 3. Team Sportsmanship Award

 4. Outstanding Pitcher Award

 5. Outstanding Offensive Player Award

 6. Outstanding Defensive Player Award

 7. MVP Award


Gift Exchange: There will be a non-mandatory gift exchange during one of your pool games. Teams wishing to participate should bring something representative of your home area, the value of which is not important. It is recommended that teams bring 16 gifts to exchange. Please let tournament staff know if you do not find anyone to participate with and we will help out.


Host Complex: MVP Sportspark is a private for profit park as is River City East and West. As such, Teams are not permitted to bring in coolers. Team water jugs are permitted. Pets are also not permitted. MVP and any of the overflow parks prides themself on safe playing conditions, good concessions along with pricing, and a clean facility to bring the family to watch youth sports.


Hotels and Lodging: The Great Lakes Odd Year-National Championships does not use a housing partner for the event. We feel that Harrison is too small of a community to make teams stay at specific venues. The best place to find housing is to go back closer to the I-275 loop in NW Cincinnati. Harrison is off of I-74 going back towards Indianapolis, IN. The I-275 loop has hotels at almost every exit within about 20 miles of the park.

Park Admission: There is a gate fee admission for the week for the complex. Click here to download that form: Gate Pass Form. There will also be a link to pay online with a credit card. That link is right here: USSSA Great Lakes National Championships online tournament listing

National Championships Merchandise: There will be souvenirs available to purchase from Team IP both on a pre-order basis and at the tournament site. There will be a form to download along with a credit card link to purchase online. This link will go active as of June 1, 2018. The image below is from 2016 just to give you an idea of what is available. Just click on the picture or go the webpage:


Click here to be redirected to the preorder webpage for Team IP


Tenative Schedule: For a tenative schedule - click here: Tenative Weekly Schedule. Pool game schedules will not be mailed out in advance nor will bracket schedules. These will be posted to the USSSA website and copies will be given to the coaches when they check their teams in. Please note that times are subject to change. Please verify itinerary during team check in. Once the event begins, managers must check the game board at the tournament site for any updates or changes. This will be the only bracket that counts. Teams are also encouraged to make sure they have all of their team and coach data updated including text and email information. The USSSA system is set to email coaches and/or team members. If you have parents that you want to get information to quickly, list their email for your players information.


Opening Day Schedule (July 18,2018) and Event Timeline:

Weds - July 18, 2018

Time: 11:00 AM - Team Check-In at Tournament Headquarters.

Time: 11:00 AM - Team "Skills" Challenges on Fields 1-4.

Time: 2:00 PM - Coaches Meeting. Baseball field behind concession area.

Time: 3:00 PM - Umpires Meeting.

Time: 4:00 PM - Team Line up for Parade of teams. Age group: Youngest to oldest in Alphabetical order.

Time: 5:00 PM - Parade of Teams/Opening Party.

Thursday - July 19, 2018:

Time: 8:00 AM - Pool play begins for all age groups.

Friday - July 20, 2018:

Time: 8:00 AM - Pool play continues.

Time: 12:30 PM - Bracket Play begins for all age groups.

Saturday - July 21,2018:

Time: 8:00 AM - Bracket Play resumes (All Age groups)

Time: 3:00 PM - 9u & 15u championships.

Sunday - July 22, 2018:

Time: 8:00 AM - Bracket Play resumes for 11u & 13u final 4 teams.

Time: 1:15 PM - 11u & 13u Championships.



Information regarding "Odd Year" Classifications: USSSA offers the "odd year" classification for teams that are true 1st year teams in a new age group. An example would be a team with all 2008 birthdays or younger. That would be a 9u team and eligible to participate in the 9u championship. 11u classification would be 2006 birthdays or younger, 13u classification would be 2004 birthdays and younger, and 15u would be 2002 birthdays or younger. Teams down an age group are also encouraged to participate. This means 10u teams can play in 11u, 12u teams can play in 13u, and 14u teams can play in 15u. When those traditional age groups play up they reap the benefit of double USSSA National system points plus a good challenge or "tune up" prior to the traditional age groups National events. There is also an exception that can be made for teams that have one player that puts them out of the Odd Year classification. That one player can be released for this event and then added back to the roster for the remainder of the season once the event is completed. Please contact the Ohio USSSA State Office for more details.



Your team must be registered online to enter events online. Go to and then go to the Fastpitch Section. Click on Log in/Log out and enter your log in id and password. Below your team name, you will find the option "Find A Tournament / League". Click in the circle next to it and then click submit. Set your search criteria by clicking on the options that you would like to find tournaments on. The easiest way to find this event is to choose Ohio for the state, and choose National Championships. This will bring up the 4 age group listings for this event.


(Note: You may click in the circle under Find An Event to show only events for the class you select or Show all events your team is eligible to participate in. In the event type, you will get better results with keeping the All Tournaments and League Formats option selected.) You may enter a date if you would like, or you may leave it blank.


Click submit. Once you've found the age group for this tournament, click on the amount to Pay on line now. This will bring you to the online payment page. Fill in all the required information. You will be given a confirmation page when your online payment is accepted. Teams will still need to contact their respective state director to make sure they meet the requirements to attend National Championship events. These may vary state to state.

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