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To register a team with USSSA, the team manager/coach must go to the national USSSA website and create a log on. The info below will help to explain how to do this. This procedure is the same for both baseball and fast-pitch softball. If you wish to download the form that explains this, just click here: Create ISTS Log-In Form




Go to www.usssa.com and then go to the Fastpitch Section. You can also click on the active link above.

Step 1 - Creating a manager's ISTS ID:

The first thing a manager must do is create an ISTS ID. After you've done this once, you'll never have to do it again, regardless of how many teams you register over the years or even if you register teams in different sports.

If you've created an ISTS ID in the past and remember what it is, then skip this section. If you've created one, but can't remember the ID and password, click on "Recover ID and password" under Teams & Participants which is the 4th link on the top menu bar.

To create an ID, go to "Teams & Participants" (4th link on the top menu bar) and click on “Register Team/Log In”. There is no fee to create a manager's ID. Please do not have a single person listed as the contact for all of the teams in your organization. Each team manager/coach needs to have an ID in the system.

Go to "If you need to create an ID click Here”.​ This will put you into the screen titled “Create Managers User Account”. Fill in the form completely. Also if you would like to put your team on a text messaging list, then fill in the bottom of the form as well.


Step 2- Registering a team:


A couple of reminders for "Team Name":

​a. Use standard case, neither all upper nor all lower (e.g. type as Hometown Heroes).
    Please check to make sure that you've spelled your team name correctly before you
    submit it. The system does not allow a manager to change the spelling of a team.
b. There can only be one name per team. So if you're part of an organization that has
    teams with the same name in several age brackets, distinguish your team as Hometown

    Heroes 12U and not just Hometown Heroes.

c. If your organization has more than one team in an age bracket, then enter the name as

    Hometown Heroes 16u xxxxx, where xxxxx is some distinguishing word like a color or the

    Manager’s name.
​d. Remember - softball says 14u, soccer says u14.

e. Do not list your age bracket first. In other words, submit Hometown Heroes 14u, NOT
    14u Hometown Heroes.

f. Team city and state is where the team is principally domiciled, which in most cases is the

    address of the manager. However, if the manager lives in a different state than where the

    team should be registered, a city and state should be used where the team is based.

 A couple of items regarding team classifications:

Choose the classification that you think correctly represents your team's status. Keep in mind that as the season progresses USSSA reserves the right to change any team's classification.

1. If your team is very competitive on a regional/national level and considering Showcase/Exposure calibur events. You should consider yourself a USA Elite Select (USAES) team. USAES offers events with top level competition along with marquee showcase events culminating in the World Fastpitch Championships in July. USAES events are a great way to test your team and also get them exposure. Note: You can always classify as an "A" level team to start. There is always the option to upgrade your team registration to USAES and pay the difference in registration fees at a later date. Any team classified as USAES will compete at the A level within there state of origin. USAES teams can still play in their respective state tournaments and local events at the Class A level.

2. If your team is considered a Select team and can compete with and beat some of the better teams in your state, then you should consider yourself an "A" team. Many events are combo A/B or Open events.

3. If you're a newly formed team that is primarily a community based team that plans on playing in a number of competitive tournaments or an existing team that consistently finishes in the middle or occasionally at the top of the pack in most tournaments, then you're more of a "B" team. Many events are combo A/B or Open events.

4. A "C" team is a team that typically only plays in a local league, an all-star team from a local league

    or a team that might only play in one or two lower level tournaments a month or season. In USSSA teams can only submit as a Class "B" team. Teams would have to contact the state office to request to be reclassified as class "C". Click on the form to request to be classified as a "C" team: C Classification Request Form.

5. There is a also a Rec/All-Star classification for USSSA. These are teams that are formed out of Rec leagues and are All-Star or Rec League teams. Playing experience is at a minimum with these teams. USSSA does offer events for these teams to compete with. Initially these events may be offered as combo events with class C teams also permitted. There is usually one or two rec/all star only events in the later summer months in Ohio USSSA. Find out if your league is affiliated with USSSA. The benefits of affiliating your league Contact the state office if more information is needed on affiliating your league with USSSA.

Step 3 - Paying for your team registration:

The easiest and quickest way to pay for your registration and receive your registration number is to do it online with a credit card. Note that there is an extra $5 charge for this option, bringing the total fee to $40. To do so, go to "Register TEAM NAME Online”. This will allow you to fill out your credit card payment info online and get a number automatically within minutes.

In lieu of paying online, you can also pay for your team registration the old fashioned way - by mailing a check for $35. Please fill in the form below and mail.
You can also click here for a PDF version of the Ohio USSSA registration form.


Step 4 - Registering for events online:


Your team must be registered online to enter events online. Go to www.usssa.com and then go to the Fast Pitch Section. Click on Log in/Log out and enter your log in id and password. Below your team name, you will find the option "Find a Tournament / League". Click in the circle next to it and then click submit. Set your search criteria by clicking on the options that you would like to find tournaments on.

(Note: You may click in the circle under Find an Event to show only events for the class you select or Show all events your team is eligible to participate in. In the event type, you will get better results with keeping the All Tournaments and League Formats option selected.) You may enter a date if you would like, or you may leave it blank.

Click submit. Once you've found the tournament that you would like to enter, click on the amount to pay on line now or enter without online payment. These options may or may not be available. It depends on how the tournament director entered the event. Click on the button on the option that you would like. This will bring you to the online payment page. Fill in all the required information. You will be given a confirmation page when your payment is accepted. Teams are encourage to pay online but not required. If you do choose to mail a payment, you will recieve an e-mail that is a confirmation of entering the event. You can mail the confirmation page and use it as an entry blank. The tournament director’s information will be on the confirmation page.

See more at: http://www.usssa.com/fastpitch/TeamWebHelp/#/collapseNine




Ohio USSSA Team Registration Form.


Team Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Manager’s Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________ State: ____________________ Zip: ____________

Home Phone: ____________________________ Cell Phone: ____________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________________

Age Group: (circle one)


                             8u             9u          10u        11u        12u         13u


                           14u           15u          16u        18u        18 & over


Classification: (circle one)    A       B      C


Please enclose a check for $35 made payable to USSSA and send to:



C/O Mike Craig

PO Box 1213

Westerville, OH. 43086





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